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School Administrator Q&A: Why Student Savvy Clubs?

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Meet Kelly Cline, Assistant Principal at St. Helen School in Chicago. We sat down to talk to her about why she chose Student Savvy Clubs, the impact it’s had on her students and how she’s structured the program at her school.

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What interested you in pursuing a partnership with Student Savvy Clubs?

Student Savvy’s mission that we thought would meet our student’s needs! We want to ensure that our students are receiving the instruction and tools that they need and deserve both academically and emotionally. Student Savvy Clubs sparked our interest because they are able to do just that and do it well! Executive was one of our main focus points and they were able to come in and work with our students in group formats.

What workshops are you currently (or previously) using and why?

Executive Functioning and Social Skills

What progress have you seen in your students?

The students are using the long term assignment organizers to help them plan out long term projects. It has been very useful and the student’s are not waiting until the last minute to complete assignments. Students are also using the test check prep list to help prepare for upcoming tests!

Tell us a bit about how you have structured the Student Savvy workshops at your school.

Groups are held during school hours in the afternoon. The groups are taken on a rotating schedule so that the same class is not missed weekly for the 6-week time frame.

What need or gap do you think the Student Savvy Clubs workshops have filled in your school?

Student Savvy has helped our students to think about planning and prioritizing their homework. Student Savvy has helped students become more organized and better all around students which is helping to prepare them for High School and beyond. Student Savvy team members have provided resources to teachers to help them work with students to improve executive functioning skills!

If applicable, what have you learned as a school administrator in working with Student Savvy Clubs and the impact to school-aged students?

Student Savvy is very attentive and great to work with! They are truly invested in their work and helping serve our students.

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