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The Parent Perspective: Why Student Savvy Clubs

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As parents, it’s our job to ensure our children are fully prepared to take on the challenges they will face as they continue to grow and develop. Through our Social Skills programming, hear how one parent saw the positive impacts our sessions have had on her fourth-grader and why she made the decision to enroll her in Student Savvy Clubs in the first place.

How did you first learn about Student Savvy Clubs?

I’d actually been looking online for a group for months, without success. A family member had been to Bellosa Counseling, so I think I tried just Googling “Bellosa Counseling social communication,” and I found Student Savvy.

What made you want to enroll your child in this program?

I wanted my child to learn, and also have the opportunity to practice social communication skills in a positive, supportive environment.

Which workshops is/has your child enrolled in (Social Skills or Executive Functioning) and why did you choose it?

Social skills, for the reasons above.

What difference or progress have you seen in your child?

I’ve seen better self-awareness, less frustration.

Why do you feel like an offering like Student Savvy Clubs is important?

If a child has trouble in math or reading, no one thinks twice about seeking a tutor or extra help. Student Savvy provides extra help for kids who need to work on social communication.

As a parent, have you learned any tips or tricks along the way since your child’s school has started working with Student Savvy Clubs?

Yes, and I’m able to talk with my child about social skills in a more productive way.

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