Student Savvy Clubs

School Administrator Q&A: Why Student Savvy Clubs?

Meet Kelly Cline, Assistant Principal at St. Helen School in Chicago. We sat down to talk to her about why she chose Student Savvy Clubs, the impact it’s had on her students and how she’s structured the program at her school. Read on to see the full interview: What interested you in pursuing a partnership […]

What To Look For: Does Your Child Have Executive Functioning Issues?

As we shared in the launch of the Student Savvy Blog, we defined Executive Functioning Skills as a set of mental skills or cognitive processes that are required to plan, organize and execute daily activities. Executive functioning is a term that is used to describe one’s ability to demonstrate impulse & emotional control, organize, plan, […]

The Parent Perspective: Why Student Savvy Clubs

As parents, it’s our job to ensure our children are fully prepared to take on the challenges they will face as they continue to grow and develop. Through our Social Skills programming, hear how one parent saw the positive impacts our sessions have had on her fourth-grader and why she made the decision to enroll […]

Free Download: How To Schedule The Day

As parents are now managing homeschool and activities for their children amidst the COVID_19 crisis, organizing a daily schedule is now more important than ever. Check out an example schedule from Student Savvy Clubs founder and mom of three Jennifer, and then click the link below to download, print and create your own. Be sure […]

The Importance of Social Skills Training

With school closed in Chicago until late April (for the time being) so much focus has been around how parents are navigating home-schooling their students and the importance of reading, writing and math skills not suffering during this out-of-school period. But just as important as math and reading, are your students’ social skills. In fact, […]